Thoughts on the word Just.

Thoughts on the word Just.

Doesn’t everyone have a blog?  Aren’t blogs over?  Am I going to be talking to just myself?


What a word.

“not better, worse, more important etc than what you are mentioning

We’re just a small business employing 15 staff.”

Even on a dictionary search, the example makes me scratch my head.  Small businesses are pretty damn hard.  To get to the point where you are successfully employing 15 people is a massive accomplishment.  If you remove the just it’s a confident statement held high. We are a small business, employing 15 staff.  The just is a precursor, a diminisher, a way of hedging the other persons reaction and minimizing the amount of pride that the statement had at the beginning.  It’s merely.  It’s polite.  It’s a softening.

Cameo Pierce from Lemon and Fig (check her out, I love her Instagram stories on the regular, find here) did a story forever ago about removing just from your email.  I’ve tried to make the conscious effort *especially* in requests for things that I need to do my work, to eliminate the word from my professional vocabulary.  Hi, this is Camille could you please send me the following.  You can be polite, direct and not act as if everyone is doing you a favour by letting you exist.

All this philosophical waxing to say, for as soft as I am on the inside, I am not just.  The things I have accomplished are both small and big.  Maybe they aren’t all where I want them to be, maybe I’m still tenaciously hauling my ass up the mountain.  But why would I diminish any part of myself to be smaller, to be ‘just’ anything.  

A just I have said to myself often has been: “I’m just a small startup company

I am working to switch that narrative.  I started a company, I have put countless efforts, finances, hours, tears, hopes and sleep into where it is now.  I have built a small startup company and I cannot wait to see where I can take us over these next five years.  

What is a just you say to yourself.  How can I help you see it in a different light?  How can we affirm that this thing inside you that you dim, should be turned up to eleven.  All that first step takes is saying it out loud to yourself.



(Very much feeling the opposite of just in this amazing photo Sheena took of me a couple weeks ago.  She is an AMAZING local Calgary photographer who I can't wait to share all of the amazing photos she captured soon.  Give her a follow here)