Founded by a woman with an empowering message

If I am to ask all of you to put a stake of your truths here with us, I think it is only fair to deliver my own slice of vulnerability as the founder of a company aptly named Honest Language.

My name is Camille Elise Catherine.
I am 32 years old.

This is me.

I am loud. Too loud for some. My laugh is louder. It’s a honking laugh. Full of joy, but with way less grace than Julia Roberts.

I think Christmas is the best holiday, no contest.

My laugh reminds me of my Mum. It was one of her best qualities. 39 days after her 40th birthday, she took her own life. 175 days before my 19th. To know that fact is to explain large peices inside me.

I have her stubbornness. Her never-back-down. I have her emotions and her moods. I have my Dads green eyes and his incredible work ethic.

I don’t like being late. I often sit in my car 20 minutes early to my appointments.

Tofino is my favourite place on earth.

I share my feelings, always. I refuse to let anything be left unsaid. Sometimes this is an asset, sometimes a liability. I will always tell you what you mean to me and the force of nature that I think you are. I’m not afraid to call you on your bullshit and I hope you’ll be brave enough to call me on mine.

Hot drinks are better than cold. A chai latte with an espresso shot is a spicy caffeinated gift of joy.

There is no one I would rather giggle, argue, cuddle, debate or be silent with than my partner Chris.

Chris is the first person to teach me true partnership. We are the thing in my life I am most proud of having co-built. I am not embarrassed to say I am a hopeless romantic. He will be incredibly embarrassed for me to say all of this.

I love Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice equally.

I am my most authentic Camille when I am exercising my resilience. Climbing over the top of the peak after you have slogged up that gigantic impossible mountain is where the best stuff lives for me.

I can’t wait to get to know all of you. Write me, I’d love to hear what you love about life, and how you try to live honestly.


Honest Language was born from a passion to help you over come your insecurities and to remember how valuable you are.

We hope to be a reminder to a few honest humans to live their truth and to know that we stand behind them in every way.

Our designs are personal.


Alright…here it is…we’re a little nervous but we’re wearing our UNSHAKABLE tee, so we’re good.

As we launch this venture, we kind of feel like a pre-teen at a junior high dance. We’re skirting the edge of the room, while the 90’s pop songs echo in the gymnasium walls. We’re scuffing our feet against the floor and trying to discreetly wipe our sweaty palms on our pants as we wait and hope you’ll ask us to dance. Hows that for honest?

As we grow we have two goals in mind: Empowerment and responsibility.

Honest Language is starting small but our intention is to reverberate loud.

We know that our responsibility to be a brand that respects and loves back on this delicate planet of ours is incredibly important.

This is hugely important on our list, as we expect it is on your and we are already putting efforts in place to be able to deliver a set strategy by the end of year one

Lets dance.

Our brand and story

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    our brand mark

    Over the last few years, there has been a thirst for nostalgia and a hearkening to past decades. We capture this with the vintage wood-etch illustration of apothecary and ribbon.

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    our brand mark

    With empowerment comes acknowledgment of our environment and of nature. One of Earths many gifts to us; is this beautiful bird. Natures telegraph key. The wood pecker. 

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    our brand mark

    Trapped within a vintage apothecary jar, perched on a telegraph pole, the woodpecker sits. 

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    our brand mark

    The wood pecker can be seen in our brand illustration - communicating morse code with the outside world, not knowing that, he can simply fly out, whenever ready.