More than a store

honest language

We’re building community and delivering honesty honestly through our meaningfully messaged, environmentally sustainable clothing. Our goal here is to share and spread the freedom that comes from remembering and celebrating who you are. We want everyone to revel in their own absolute brilliance -- to appreciate all the big pieces (and especially all those little ones) that come together to make you your unmistakable self. On days where you might forget this truth or be muted by uncertainty, we exist as a community who rallies behind you to push you back to what’s real. When the whispers are saying you can’t do it, we’re here to be the deafening roar that you absolutely can. That you must. That you will.


I’m here to ask and advocate that you all speak and share your truths. It would seem only fair then, that I offer up my own slice of vulnerability as a gesture of good faith.


Cause of Concern

The Calgary Women’s Centre is the cause we’re currently rallying behind. 5% of all direct sales will be donated to their cause.



Together is always better than alone. While you have strength on your own, that strength is amplified by the people who hold you up.